Is this you…

  • You’re using a unflattering, snapshot of yourself for your business website.
  • Your current business headshot is 5 years old or, YIKES, more.
  • Skippy, your Boston Terrier, is representing you on your website and social media profiles.
  • You don’t use a photo at all— so visitors to your site don’t get a chance to connect.
  • You don’t like your current headshot because it just doesn’t say you, no personality!

 If this IS you then you’re missing out on the making a connection with potential clients and you’re loosing money.

We all know that people want to work with others they know, like and trust. Why not help your website work harder for you. Do you know your ‘About’ page is typically one of the most-visited pages on your site. Oftentimes it’s the first page visitors check out. Many people are visual and business headshots are a powerful way to introduce yourself to new visitors. Consider then if you’re using a not-so-great picture or no picture, a visitor might click away, never to return. That all- important first impression is ruined. Worse, you lose a lead, a potential client and perhaps future referrals. I can help you make a better connection.

Together we’ll get you shiny, new, personality-filled photos that are warm, friendly and approachable, that brand you better and can be used thorough-out your website, for social media profiles, speaking engagements and other purposes.

Imagine having photos that exude a powerful and confident you. Imagine connecting and attracting more clients online. Imagine making more money. Imagine doing more of what you love— help making your client’s lives better!

Ready?  Contact me here to schedule a session. I want to get to know you and your business.