Is this YOU…
You’re super busy doing everything for everyone else and rarely take a time for yourself?

• Your daily wardrobe is sneakers, sweats and hair in a ponytail?
• You’ve been working your butt off and lost 15, 20, 30 pounds… Hooray!
• You wanna surprise a special someone with something completely unexpected?
• You’ve gotta a big birthday coming up and you want to Celebrate You in a big way.
• You just want damn gorgeous photos of yourself —because really, all those cell phone shots in the bathroom just don’t cut it.

Don’t you deserve to take time for #1 (btw, that’s YOU)… Get your mojo, groove and sexy back… Memorialize your new HOT body … Give yourself a gift brimming with confidence and self-love that you’ll never forget  Let me show you how! 

Step into your BoldSexyPower 
The BoldSexyPower Beauty Shoot is a thrilling photo shoot experience that’s all about YOU! It’s your day to be fully pampered with hair, makeup, styling, some champagne, jamming music, lingerie and laughs. It’s NOT about lingerie. In fact, you can be in jeans and tee shirt and be sexy and powerful. This shoot is about your Beauty with the focus on timeless shots that are a mixture of beauty, portraits, fashion & boudoir.

What you DON’T have to be:
• Perfect
• Size 0
• 6’ tall
• a Model
• 100% Confident

I Understand
I’m a women too and, of course, I have my bad hair, face, body, clothes…you name it days too. I can relate BIG TIME to not feeling perfect and ready. But let me assure you — you’ll be in the safest environment. The goal is to highlight your natural beauty with gorgeous light, makeup, and the right angles.

But you’ve never done anything like this and you’re nervous. My clients rave about how I’m very patient, able to ease their nerves during the shoot and make them feel like a Superstar. So, no worries, you’re in good hands. I’ll guide and help you throughout the shoot plus we’ll have boatloads of fun to boot. By the end of the day, you’ll wanna shoot every month. 

Aren’t you excited! Contact me to schedule your shoot and talk wonderful prep details. Imagine how great you’ll feel reminiscing months later, let alone when you’re 90, about this very special time.

Life is funny! You don’t know what’s gonna happen next.  Don’t wait until you’re perfect–       YOU ARE RIGHT NOW!