Business Shine Session

Are you making a good first impression online? As a entrepreneur I know you’ve got a lot on your plate, you wear most of the hats or all the hats and updating your visual image just seems like something that can wait.  But are you hurting your credibility and your sales?

A well-lit, nicely composed headshot with personality that is warm, friendly and approachable simply connects better with potential clients. Now if you’re using an old headshot (3 years or more), a selfie, something stiff and cold with no personality or perhaps an image you don’t even like… Then it’s TIME to spruce up your visual branding!


Time to Shine
Because I wanna help you shine online I’m offering August Shine Sessions, a business headshot photo shoot getting you a fresh, lively and engaging headshot and, guess what, it’s over $200 off my normal headshot rate! Yes, this is a very rare thing; I don’t offer this every year. So, if you’ve been wanting, needing, thinking, wondering about updating or getting headshots taken for the first time, take advantage now!

Please note: This is for August shoot dates ONLY and I have limited spots. Sales begin today and end on August 12th- you must pay within this time-frame. Check out the sweet deets below and sign-up.

The Jitter Bug
Don’t let butterflies, jitters, nervousness, or fear hold you back. I understand you don’t do this everyday and it can be nerve-racking. But know that I’ve got your back and will guide you through the session from start to finish, helping with clothing to makeup to posing and, best of all, we’ll have fun along the way.

I think my client’s words say it best…

“I highly recommend hiring Tanzie Johnson for headshots. She was a pleasure to work with, knowing exactly how to put a nervous subject at ease and I’m very pleased with the results. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Barbara Polinsky /


“If you are looking for headshots, Tanzie is your woman! She is super gifted and she makes everyone look fabulous. It can be a little awkward getting headshots if you’re not used to being in front of the camera, but Tanzie makes you feel super comfortable.”

Thea Zagata /


“WOW! My photos look GORGEOUS! I almost cried when I saw them. They are so much better than I had imagined…worth every penny. I am looking forward to changing my Facebook photo to one of these. Thank you so, so much for everything. This whole experience has been awesome, and you’re amazing at what you do. Many, many hugs.”

Mirandy Rodriguez


Business Shine Session
(Aug shoot dates only)
~1 clothing change
~1 retouched image
~1 hour shoot
~unlimited *shine*

Again, the above rate is for an August shoot date ONLY.
Sales begin today and will end on Aug 16, 2015 at midnight.
***Full Payment is required to schedule a shoot date***

I’ve paid, what’s next?
Once payment is made please email me at to schedule a shoot date. 

What clothing should I wear for the shoot?
I will email you a prep sheet that covers clothing, makeup and general info. But, generally, I suggest bringing solid color shirts/blouses that complement your skin tone, no overly busy patterns or text and logos on clothing. Fit is important too, nothing too big, bulky or baggy. To be on the safe side, I recommend bringing more than you’ll need ; I’ll help you select which is best for the shoot.

Do you provide makeup, what about hair?
I’m the makeup artist for my photo sessions and for this offer makeup is additional fee of $100 for women and $50 for men. Btw, makeup has also been reduced for August. I know some of you are very good with your own makeup but if you’re not, I highly recommend adding it on– It’s totally worth it.

Where is your studio?
I’m located in Chelsea at 526 W 26 St (bet 10 & 11th Ave) on the 10th flr, Suite 1001. Take the A or C train to 23rd St then take the M23 bus crosstown to 10th Ave or walk 2 blocks to 10th Ave.