I realized my love for photography years ago while traveling in Europe with my little point and shoot camera. Six weeks later I returned home with 15 rolls of film AND some very good shots  — I was hooked! 

And I’m still hooked. I especially love photographing women! My wish is to create WONDERFUL memories and lifelong images that you’ll always cherish. 

More, you say, welllll…
1.   I’m a huge classic movie lover. A relaxing Friday night for me is a home-cooked meal and a
      good ole B&W or Technicolor movie on Turner Classic Movies.

2.   I love cooking and baking and, not to brag, but I’m pretty good at it.

3.   “I must have coffee before I can speak” – Uncle Charlie in  “Shadow of A Doubt” – Ditto, what Joe said.

4.   My favorite place is the beach. My favorite artist is Prince. My favorite dessert is lemon
      cupcake. Lying on the beach listening to Prince while eating a lemon cupcake…ahhhh, heaven!

5.   The quote below perfectly states what I want most to reveal in all my clients. 

“I find it hard to believe
you don’t know the beauty that you are,
but if you don’t, let me be your eyes”
-the velvet underground